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iWDL Technologies provides UGV tuned wireless data links and video solutions for robotics platforms.

iWDL stands for Intelligent Wireless Data Link. The intelligence is related to the tuning and software features of the radio. The iWDL has many advanced features to improve behavior, range and capabilites.

We recently transititioned the IP for the iWDL product line, including the Video Throttling Patent issued in 2013 to a new company called iWDL Technolgies Inc.. We are ramping up the business and the infrastructure to support the radio products under this new entity. We are looking to introduce new products and extend the feature set of existing products. In the mean time, we are still building, selling and supporting the iWDL4860 line of radios and a few select H.264 video cards.

Our IP radio, wireless data link, can be found on almost every major robotic platforms. The iWDL4860 is a cost effective upgrade for most platforms, especially earlier versions of the Talon and PackBots. Our solution offers improved range, features and robustness over most robotic radio systems.

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